Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips

Each Tuesday (#TipTuesday), we like to share some cleaning tips on Twitter as we like to help! So we thought it might be useful to compile some of the tips into a blog post! There are many things that you can do yourself in the office to keep things clean, tidy and...

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5 Autumn Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

This year is whizzing past so quickly that we are nearly into Autumn! Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas! A change of season brings a change of weather, and more challenges to keeping offices and workplaces clean. From fallen dry leaves and grass, to mud and dirt,...

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

We have mentioned in previous blogs, that a clean workplace not only looks good for your customers, but it also leads to a more productive workforce. Perhaps you already have a cleaning company in place, but they are not providing a satisfactory service, or maybe...

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The Benefits of a Deep Clean

Having your premises cleaned on a regular basis is extremely important for your business but it is also important to provide it with a periodical deep clean. A deep clean is a effectively a spring clean, only it can be done any time of the year and as many times as...

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What Is the Right Workplace Cleaning Schedule for You?

Everyone’s workplace is different, from offices, to showrooms, to studios. And that is why there is no standard cleaning solution for everyone. We are regularly asked how often certain areas should be cleaned and what are the best cleaning products to use, so we have...

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How Does Cleaning Benefit Your Customers?

Cleaning in the workplace is one of those things that is often seen as time consuming and a general annoyance to the working day. However, cleaning should be one of your top priorities as it affects your customers and their satisfaction levels from doing business with...

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New Year, New Office Cleaning Resolutions

January has come around again and there are many people making resolutions about losing weight, drinking less, stopping smoking etc…and the majority of people are likely to have broken those resolutions already! However, have you made a resolution regarding your...

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips for the Working Environment

As the kitchen is the place where you prepare food, you want to ensure that it is super clean and germ free. Focusing on the types of appliances often found in the kitchens in working environments, here are a few kitchen cleaning tips. read more

How Clean Is Your Office?

On the surface, your office might seem like a nice, clean place to work. But studies have revealed some really rather frightening facts about the cleanliness of the average office. Let me ask you a question…would you eat your lunch on the toilet seat? I can almost...

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