As with any service that your business invests in, you want to ensure that you are getting a return and that you can see results that have a positive impact on your business.

The positives of a good cleaning company go beyond things being clean; there are many more elements of the service that effects your business, such as:


Time Management

Has your cleaning company been flexible in terms of finding the best time to clean your business that causes the least disruption to your working day? And if so, do they stick to these agreed days & times, and arrive on time, ready to start the job at hand? Do they stay until they have completed the agreed cleaning work or are some jobs sometimes left unfinished?



Does your commercial cleaning company send the same team members each time, so you become familiar with the people you are letting come into your business? If faces change all the time, it can make you feel uneasy and you may start to get annoyed if you are constantly meeting new cleaners and need to show them around.


Well Prepared

A good, professional commercial cleaning company will arrive fully equipped and ready for the job. They will have the best products for the job and will, were possible, use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Do they use an all-purpose cleaning product and one cloth for all areas, or do they have specialist products and materials for each area?


High standards

Some cleaning companies may promise high standards, and even deliver an excellent service for a first few weeks or months, but do you check that these standards are maintained?



Does your cleaning company carry out risk assessments and make safety a priority? For example, do they put out wet/slippery floor signs when a floor has been mopped or polished? Do they consider the dangers of wires posing as trip hazards when vacuuming etc?



The owner or manager of the cleaning company should be in touch with you regularly to ensure that you are receiving the best service, showing a commitment to customer service.


What To Look Out For

Whilst you don’t want your cleaning company to feel that you are checking up on them, you want to know that you are getting a good return on your investment. Cleaning requirements are different at every business, so these may not all apply, but here are a few things to look out for…

  • Clean surfaces – wipe your hand or a white cloth/towel over a surface to check there’s no dust or dirt that has been missed.
  • Door handles – do they look and feel clean?
  • Workplace kitchen – is the inside of the microwave and fridge clean?
  • Bins – have they all been emptied?
  • Toilets – are they clean and have consumables been refilled?


If at any time, you decide you are not happy with your current commercial cleaning company, and after discussing it with them you are still not happy, find one you can trust to deliver the high quality service your business deserves.


We deliver the top quality cleaning service that we promise, and we are always on hand for a chat, so if we can help your business in Leicestershire, give us a call or drop us an email.