Allowing someone access to your business can be daunting, so you need to be sure that you have complete confidence, not only in their skills, but in other areas such as trustworthiness and professionalism.

So, what expectations should you have, of your commercial cleaning company?


1. Professionalism

Your cleaning company should exhibit professionalism at all times when engaging with you, from phone and email communication, to being on site carrying out the work. It is important that they arrive at the agreed time and carry out the work that has been discussed. The cleaning operatives should act in a professional manner at all times, causing minimal disruption to your working day. They should be courteous of your employees, keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum and polite at all times.


2. Efficiency

Well-organised, competent and efficient are essential characteristics of a commercial cleaning company. They should be experienced in carrying out general cleaning tasks quickly but effectively and have tips and tricks to take care of any more difficult tasks. Using the right company will save you time, stress and money.


3. Flexibility

Your business may require a flexible cleaning service that can fit around your business’ specific premises or working hours. Perhaps you need the flexibility to change the frequency, days, times and tasks? A flexible cleaning company will be able to adapt to your needs.


4. Reliability

You need to be able to count on your commercial cleaning provider in several different ways. As mentioned above, you want them to be reliable in carrying out the agreed services on the agreed days and times. You also want reassurance that they have reliable, well-trained, experienced staff. As well as being competent at their job, and offering a professional service, they should also have the knowledge and training on using cleaning products and machinery safely and effectively.


5. Consistency

Consistency comes from a mixture of all of the above points. Using one cleaning company consistently, and them having a dedicated member of staff that gets to know you and your premises is one way to guarantee a consistently clean workplace. You should be able to trust that the job will be completed to high standards every time, so it reflects well on your business, for employees and visitors.


Here at Precision Cleaning Solutions, we believe we offer all of the above, going above and beyond for our customers. If you are in the Leicestershire area and are looking for a commercial cleaning company you can trust, then please contact us for a chat.