The answer to this question is a little bit like ‘how long is a piece of string?’

Every workplace is different and has different requirements, and that is why a conversation and a visit is needed before recommending the frequency of a cleaning schedule. We have to consider the size of premises, number of staff, type of business etc before we can determine the amount of cleaning required. 

Prioritising a Clean and Safe Workplace

Keeping your workplace clean means keeping your staff clean and healthy. It goes beyond seeing a little bit of dust or dirt on some surfaces, to ensuring that your whole team are seeing the benefits of working in a clean and safe environment.

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, the benefits of regular cleaning include:

  • Increased health & wellbeing
  • Fewer sick days
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Higher staff morale
  • Professional appearance
  • Increased safety

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will affect how often your workplace needs cleaning….

The type of business

Some businesses that see a very high daily footfall, such as a school, restaurant or shopping centre need to be cleaned daily for health and safety reasons. Offices or industrial businesses will have less traffic passing through each day so will likely need a weekly or fortnightly clean.

How Large Is the Workplace?

 The size of the building obviously has to be taken into consideration. The larger the space, the more time and resources it will need to be kept clean.

How Many People Work in the Building?

In addition to the size mentioned above, the number of people can also determine the level of maintenance and cleaning. In general, the more people, the more dirt. For example, think about a rainy day and the difference between 10 people walking mud through the building compared to 100 people with muddy shoes! If you have fewer staff, you can get away with a less frequent clean, possibly fortnightly or monthly, but for those with large teams, a daily or weekly cleaning schedule may be more effective.

Do You Have Frequent Visitors?

Visitors, especially if they are customers, will automatically make a judgement on your business when they visit. And you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Pay close attention to the spaces that customers visit, such as receptions areas, meeting rooms and toilet facilities, and ensure they are cleaned daily. You want to create a positive impression of your business.

Is Your Workplace or Office Shared with Other Companies?

This is a tricky one and it will depend on the building. Shared spaces will need to be cleaned daily, and the responsibility for this will need to be shared between the businesses.

To finish…

Your workplace reflects on your business and your brand, not only for customers but for staff as well. A clean, tidy space is appealing, and it increases health, wellbeing and productivity for employees.


Cleaning should always be seen as an investment for your business, with tangible return. And it is much simpler and cost effective to put the cleaning schedule in the hands of professionals. We have been helping businesses stay clean, safe and healthy in Leicestershire for over 15 years, so if we can help you, please give us a call.