Each Tuesday (#TipTuesday), we like to share some cleaning tips on Twitter to give people a little helping hand!

And following our previous post on our top 10 office cleaning tips, we have summarised our top 10 cleaning hacks for the home, office or workplace:

  1. Are your washing-up sponges a bit smelly and you’re worried they’re full of germs?
    Wash the sponge thoroughly, then whilst still wet, pop it in the microwave for one minute to kill the bacteria. Then wash again afterwards (be careful, it will be hot!)


  1. Do you have stubborn carpet stains?
    Mix equal parts water & vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on to carpet stains. Leave for a few minutes and then clean with a brush & soapy water.


  1. Is your kitchen sink at home or work looking a bit dull?
    Bring back the shine by cleaning it with a mix of lemon juice and baking soda! It’ll smell great too!


  1. Dropping a glass on a hard or tiled floor can be a nightmare, as the glass shatters into what seems like millions of tiny pieces.
    Don’t pick it up with your hands, or even a brush and dustpan. Press a slice of bread over the area & it will pick up all the bits…even the tiny ones! Obviously you’ll want to vacuum afterwards to double check you have picked up all of the glass.


  1. Have you run out of floor cleaner?
    Add a capful of mouthwash to a 5 litre bucket of water and you’ll be good to go!


  1. Do you have scuff marks on your walls, tiles or on wooded surfaces?
    Use a new tennis ball to wipe scuff marks right off!


  1. Do you have stained tea/coffee mugs that just won’t wash clean?
    Sprinkle a little baking soda into the mugs, add just enough water to form a paste, scrub and rinse…simple!


  1. Dirty or smelly microwave?
    Put lemon & water in the microwave & switch on for 10 minutes. The microwave will easily wipe clean & smell great!


  1. All those stainless steel appliances and utensils in your kitchen look great…except when they’ve lost their shine.
    No problem…just mix a tablespoon of cream of tartar with a few drops of water, gently rub it on to the surface and then wipe off. Super shiny!


  1. Clean a wooden chopping board by sprinkling it with coarse salt and rubbing it with half a lemon. The salt will help to remove stains and the lemon juice will leave it smelling great!


We’d love to hear any of your cleaning hacks for the home or workplace…just let us know in the comments below!

And, as always, if you have any cleaning requirements that we may be able to help with, please let us know.