Each Tuesday (#TipTuesday), we like to share some cleaning tips on Twitter as we like to help!

So we thought it might be useful to compile some of the tips into a blog post!

There are many things that you can do yourself in the office to keep things clean, tidy and promote a healthy environment.
So here it is…our top 10 office cleaning tips!

  1. Keep your workplace fresh by opening all your windows once a week, letting the fresh air flow through you and your environment.


  1. Has someone drawn on your whiteboard with a permanent marker by mistake? Wipe it down with hand sanitiser to get rid of the stain!


  1. Use a sealed travel mug to avoid spills on your desk & electrical equipment…and to keep it clean & hygienic.


  1. Use the sticky edge of a sticky note to clean crumbs from your laptop or keyboard, especially if you eat at your desk.


  1. Place ‘kitchen etiquette‘ signs in your workplace kitchen to let staff know what is expected of them to help keep the environment clean for everyone.


  1. Add plants to your workplace to promote fresh air. According to scientific studies, plants also help to reduce stress and increase productivity.


  1. Place hand sanitisers in various places in your workplace to help keep your workforce healthy.


  1. Assign one day each month to be clean out your workplace kitchen. Any food left in the fridge that day should be thrown away (unless it’s a long-life item like mayonnaise or ketchup). You can also put an opened box of baking soda inside the fridge to eliminate odours.


  1. Put any food rubbish in the office kitchen bin, just paper in the bin under your desk. It’ll stop those unidentifiable smells!


  1. Imagine you are a client or customer entering your workplace. Walk around and make a note of anything that needs cleaning or tidying…then fix it!



And if you need any help with maintaining your office cleanliness on a regular basis, our friendly team of commercial cleaners can visit as often as you like. Covering Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding counties, see what our commercial cleaning service includes.