The world has looked a lot different since early 2020 with the COVID-19 global pandemic, and a year on, we all continue to adjust to the current situation and guidelines. Whilst we don’t know what the world is going to look like in 6 months, 1 year or 3 years, planning now for a new level of health and safety guidelines in the workplace is a priority.

One element of health and safety in the workplace is cleaning. Whether you have your own cleaning staff, or contract a commercial cleaning company, there may be changes you need to make to ensure that your workplace remains as safe as possible for all employees and visitors.

Let’s look at some ways that businesses may need to adapt:

Frequency of Cleaning Schedule

Every business is different, and some require daily cleaning, some weekly, some monthly. But as every business looks to increase its cleanliness, it may be that whatever was normal for your business before, now needs to be increased. For example, it is now recommended that high touch areas should be cleaned daily (see below).

Weekly, at the most basic level, floors need vacuuming or mopping, surfaces need dusting, cleaning and sanitising and kitchen & bathroom facilities also need a thorough clean. Monthly, more of a deep clean may be needed, carrying out all of the cleaning activities above plus additional items such as cleaning skirting boards, vents, walls and ceilings.

Daily Cleaning of High Touchpoint Areas

This has become more important in the last year and moving forward it is likely to become the norm. Areas that are touched over and over again every day by several different people, for example, door handles, light switches, photocopier buttons, coffee machines, water coolers, need to cleaned and sanitised daily. This will kill any viruses and bacteria and stop any potential spread.

Did you know, some viruses can live on some surfaces for up to 5 days?

Go Touchless

Which the introduction of touchless appliances has an initial cost outlay, the hygiene benefits are clear to see, and it may end up saving your business money in terms of reducing sick days. Touchless hand sanitiser units at each entrance/exit are a good option, as well as soap dispensers, taps and hand dryers or paper towel dispensers in bathrooms and kitchens in the workplace.

Staff Support

Educating and reminding all staff about cleanliness and hygiene is essential, to keep workforces healthy and happy. If everyone follows the rules, helps out where they can with cleaning, sanitising etc, then it will make for a better working environment for all.

The pandemic will not change the basic principles of cleaning, but the awareness of a clean & germ-free working environmental will make it a more important priority for businesses.

Precision Cleaning Solutions has been helping business to keep clean since 2006 and throughout the pandemic. So, if you are a Leicestershire business looking for help with your commercial cleaning, please contact us for a chat.