In previous blogs, we have touched on the link between a clean workplace and increased wellbeing. But now more than ever, as we all go through the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a huge emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene and the impact on mental health.

Many more people are working from home, but there are still many key industries that have continued to operate from workplaces, where employees need to be confident in its cleanliness.

The average person spends more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime in the workplace, which is about a third of their life. So it is essential that people remain happy and healthy in the workplace.



A person is influenced by their environment, so if you work in mess, clutter and dirt, then it will impact on your mind. Studies have shown that people who work in a cluttered environment can suffer from stress and overwhelm. Imagine how you would feel constantly having to search for documents in piles of clutter. Working in clutter is not just stressful but unsafe, so it can impact on physical as well as mental health. Clutter also means that cleaning is more difficult, leading to a build-up of germs, which multiply daily if not sanitised.



Mess & clutter equates to a lack of productivity in the workplace, as time is wasted searching for lost documents, either on a desk, in a workspace or on a messy computer desktop. It can also reduce productivity by having a negative effect on stress and anxiety levels, which affects an employee’s ability to focus. Stress can also affect energy levels, making it harder to complete work tasks.



Whilst cleaning may not be top of your list of priorities in your working day, it is one of the most essential tasks for both physical and mental health. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it yourself, of course, there are many commercial companies (like us!) whose job it is to provide these services so that companies can get on with doing what they do best.

In general, a clean workplace will mean less employee sick days, higher productivity, happier staff and a cleaner, more welcoming environment for visitors. In the situation we are currently in (Covid-19 restrictions), a clean workplace is absolutely essential. Firstly, a clean workplace keeps your employees in physical health by limiting the spread of viruses and bacteria. Secondly, by providing a clean, safe working environment, you are helping their mental health by alleviating any fears they may have about going back to work and the potential of picking up germs which they may take home to their families.



All businesses should invest in cleaning, whether that be an employee hired to clean premises daily, or an external company tasked with a regular contract clean. As seen above, it is worth the investment and provides tangible benefits to the business.

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