You may already have a regular cleaning schedule in your workplace and think that a deep clean isn’t necessary on top of that, but there are hidden or forgotten areas which will benefit from some TLC.

A deep clean is exactly what the name suggests …a more thorough clean of the office or workspace to include hidden surfaces, light fixtures, ceilings, floors etc.

Deep Cleaning Helps Protect Against the Spread of Germs

Protection against germs is the most important reason for a deep clean, particularly during cold and flu season, or during a pandemic, which we have found ourselves in this year. Shared areas in particular are hotspots for bacteria and when not given a thorough clean, germs can be spread incredibly quickly through a workforce. Keeping employees healthy is vital and a clean workspace boosts morale, increases productivity and gives workers higher job satisfaction.

Gives Your Business a Professional Image

Whilst your business may not be open to visitors at the moment, we will get back to that at some point in time, and it is worth considering how the way your premises look will make an impression on visitors. Think how you would feel if you walked into a business with a dirty floor and visible dust or grime. To keep your business looking professional and making a good first impression on visitors, think about adding an annual deep clean to your regular cleaning schedule. It will eliminate the dirt from the areas that can often go unnoticed and are not part of a regular commercial clean.

More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Scheduling in a deep clean as part of your regular cleaning routine can prolong the life of some furniture, flooring etc in your office, which in the long run is more cost effective. By cleaning away any previously unnoticed dirt and grime, it can give surfaces a new lease of life and ensure they will not need to be replaced as quickly. A deep clean can sometimes also highlight hidden issues such as water leaks, damp/mould growth or weak spots in the floor that if left untreated could be more costly to fix later on.

What Does a Deep Clean Cover?

A deep clean works from top to bottom. The particular services will be different for each office/workplace but as a general idea, it may include the cleaning of:

  • All vents, light fixtures, ceilings
  • Blinds, curtains, windowsills, tracks, etc
  • Walls, light switches, art, shelving, doors, handles
  • Skirting/baseboards
  • All flooring/carpet including underneath furniture
  • All surfaces
  • Computer keyboards and screens
  • All kitchen cabinets, appliances etc
  • Toilets & surrounding area


If your business is in need of a deep clean, please contact us for a no-obligation chat and quotation.