Everyone’s workplace is different, from offices, to showrooms, to studios. And that is why there is no standard cleaning solution for everyone. We are regularly asked how often certain areas should be cleaned and what are the best cleaning products to use, so we have put together a small guide to find the right workplace cleaning schedule for you.

What Do Your Customers See?

As we covered in a previous blog, the way your customers view your workplace can be influential in their opinion of your company. So it is really helpful to try to look at your workplace from a customer’s perspective. Starting outside, walk through the door and take a proper look around at things that your customers might notice, that you might not as part of your normal working day. This will enable you to make a list of the key areas of importance for cleanliness and organisation.

What Do Your Staff Feel?

It is a proven fact that a clean workplace is more productive, so it is important that your staff are happy with the cleanliness of their surroundings. Ask your employees if there are any areas that they are unhappy with, or if they have any suggestions for improving cleaning and organisation. Ensure that employees are also doing their bit to help from a cleanliness and hygiene perspective, by reducing clutter, not eating at desks and keeping any kitchen spaces clean and tidy.

Fulfilling Your Cleaning Schedule

By completing the two steps above, you will have a basic schedule together, that identifies the areas that require cleaning. The next step is to determine how often and by who? It may be that you have the time and resources in-house to fulfil the cleaning schedule, but if not, a commercial cleaning company like PCS will be able to help. We can offer further advice on the best cleaning solution and frequency for your workplace.

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