Obviously, we think that cleaning is best left to the professionals! But we know that some companies prefer to keep their workplace cleaning in-house, so here’s a few mistakes to avoid, so you can be confident that your office is cleaned to the very best standard.

Cleaning Tools

Before you start to clean anything, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all of your cleaning tools are clean themselves. Think about everything your sponges, mops, cloths etc have touched and know that they can harbour bacteria, dirt and debris. Clean items in a cleaning solution regularly, and replace them as often as possible.

Cleaning Solutions

There are many considerations when it comes to cleaning solutions and it may be a mistake to go for the cheapest option. You need to consider product quality, effectiveness and compatibility with your office needs, as well as environmental impact.


Vacuum cleaners are effective at cleaning up dust and debris from the floor, but many make the mistake of not cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself. This doesn’t mean a full clean of the whole unit each time, but emptying the dust and dirt after each use is good practice to keep it working at its most effective.


If your office has carpet and upholstered furniture, then there is always a risk of getting on stains on them. And many make the mistake of scrubbing the problem area, but this actually sets the stain deeper into the fabric. Instead, blot the stain gently with a clean cloth and then apply a solution or stain remover that is specifically formulated for that material.


A mistake that can often be made with rubbish, is not clearing it away frequently enough. Not only does rubbish cause clutter, but it also causes unpleasant smells and affects the hygiene of your office.


If you are concerned about making mistakes when cleaning your office, call in the professionals for a no-hassle, trusted service. We are here to help businesses with their cleaning requirements in Leicestershire, so contact us for a chat.