Having your premises cleaned on a regular basis is extremely important for your business but it is also important to provide it with a periodical deep clean.

A deep clean is a effectively a spring clean, only it can be done any time of the year and as many times as necessary to keep everything in the best condition. However, as it can be quite disruptive, it’s a good idea to do it at a time where there are not a lot of people around, such as during a weekend or holiday closure.

Though certain areas of your building are not visible, it does not mean that they should be forgotten about. A deep clean will target these areas that collect dirt over time ensuring for a more hygienic working environment. Clean and tidy surroundings increase wellness and morale boosting staff efficiency/performance and if your customers visit your premises, promotes your professionalism and that all important first impression.

In addition to a normal cleaning schedule a deep clean may include:

  • Thorough carpet and floor cleaning, moving all furniture to make sure that every part of your floor is stain and dirt free.
  • Emptying all kitchen cupboards and appliances cleaning them inside, outside, top and bottom.
  • Vacuuming out vents and dust on all hidden surfaces.
  • Cleaning of window frames, tracks and blinds, etc.
  • Washing of all woodwork and walls as required.
  • And anything else that has been irritating you for so long!

A deep clean will completely refresh your workspace with the benefits it brings to your workforce and ultimately your business. Whether you already have a regular clean, or you’ve never had one at all, please do contact us for an informal chat. We are ready to help you get that spring cleaned feeling.

Until next time,