Cleaning in the workplace is one of those things that is often seen as time consuming and a general annoyance to the working day.

However, cleaning should be one of your top priorities as it affects your customers and their satisfaction levels from doing business with you.

The first benefit to customers of having a clean workplace is that it creates a great first impression, if you welcome customers into your premises for meetings, training, product collection etc. Not only does a clean, tidy space look more impressive at first glance, but it also shows that you invest time in the appearance of your company.

The second benefit to your customers of having a regular cleaning service, is that is creates a healthier workplace, meaning that staff absences will be reduced and therefore, it will improve customer communications. If a customer frequently tries to call their contact or account manager and they are off sick regularly, that could cause that customer to become frustrated and consider taking their business elsewhere.

If you outsource your cleaning to a commercial cleaning company, then there is another advantage to customers, in that you have additional time to focus on your customers needs and on the growth of your business.

Overall, a clean and tidy workspace makes your staff happier and more productive, which is ultimately positive for your business and your customers.

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