The days are longer, the weather is starting to become warmer and sunshine is (hopefully) streaming in through your office windows. You are probably dreaming of your next holiday and longing to be outside.

But there are some things you can do in your workplace to improve your environment and make employees feel rejuvenated and motivated in Spring.

  1. Open the windows

This obviously depends on the weather, which is notoriously unpredictable in Britain, and on the agreement of all employees in one area. But by simply opening windows, you can breathe in fresh air, replacing the stagnant office air that might be making you feel a bit drowsy and unmotivated.

  1. Add plants

Plants provide cleaner air to breathe, by reducing CO2 by up to 50% as well as lessening dust, bacteria and mould. The need for air conditioning can be reduced with the correct placement of plants, and by having less dry air in the workplace, illnesses such as tickly coughs are much less common. Plants also make the workplace look attractive to visitors.

  1. Deep clean carpets and hard flooring

Following the winter weather, carpets and floors in the workplace will have debris that has been brought in on employees’ and clients’ shoes. If you have carpeted floors, be aware of the dirt and grime that gets down into the carpet fibres, no matter how much they have been vacuumed. Hard flooring will also have the aftereffects of winter trodden all over it, so a deep clean of whatever flooring you have is a great way to rejuvenate the workplace in Spring.

  1. Clear the clutter

This is similar to how you would Spring clean in your home – get rid of things you don’t need. We’re all guilty of ‘filing’ things in our desks, in cabinets, drawers etc, when in reality they could be recycled or disposed of. Remember a clear workspace, means a clear mind, which makes you more productive.

  1. Freshen up the walls

This may not be possible for every workplace, but a fresh coat of paint, really brightens up a room. It’s a good excuse to repair holes/marks on the walls and choose a colour that helps to boost employees’ mood and productivity.

  1. Keep the workplace clean

Once you have given your workplace a spring clean, and you enjoy walking into your clean, fresh and motivating space, you want to keep it that way. You may have the resources in the company to keep on top of the regular cleaning that is required, but if not, it’s worth hiring in some professionals. It might be that a couple of hours a week or a fortnight is enough to keep the workplace at its best to keep employees motivated and the most productive they can be.


If you are considering hiring a commercial cleaning company in Leicester and the county we’d be happy to see if we can help. We have an initial chat about your requirements and don’t try to sell you more than you need. It’s worth a phone call – 0116 277 7644.