Day to day cleaning in the workplace will cover the obvious areas…desks, meeting rooms, the floor, kitchen and bathroom areas. But have you ever considered others areas you might have forgotten?

Because you work in the environment every day, you may not notice dust, dirt and grime building up in those other areas, but visitors to your business may notice and that won’t create a great first impression. And there’s also the health benefits to consider; a clean workplace means less germs, less allergy irritation and therefore less staff sick days.

Here’s 5 areas in your workplace that may need cleaning:

  1. Lights

A lot of workplaces have fluorescent light fittings and these are known for gathering dust and dead bugs. Dust will dull the shine of the light and potentially cause problems for employees with allergies or asthma. And no one wants to see a host of dead bugs when they look at the ceiling!

  1. Walls

Most of don’t think of walls as being dirty, probably because we think any dust would fall straight off. However, if you run your hand along walls, you may be surprised how much dust clings to vertical surfaces, especially if the walls are textured or wallpapered.

  1. Light switches, sockets & door knobs

If you think about it, these are areas that are touched several times a day, by several different people. Research has shown that light switches, sockets & door knobs harbour hundreds of germs, which can, in turn, spread illness amongst employees. Sanitising these as frequently as you can will help to stop the spread of germs.

  1. Office chairs

There are several areas of a chair that can get dirty, from the seat to the back and the base and castors. Especially during the winter months, dirt from shoes can transfer to the base of the chair, which can not only look sloppy, but it can also conceal germs.

  1. Tops of furniture

You probably give your desk a clean each week, or have a commercial cleaning company who comes in to do that for you. This is because you can see any dust, dirt or crumbs right in front of you. But what about taller furniture that you can’t see the top of? Dust easily accumulates on top of cabinets, shelving, partitions, filing cabinets, etc and any heating or air conditioning will circulate the dust around the room.

These are just a few of the main forgotten areas that need cleaning in a business. There are probably many more, but each workplace is different, has different equipment and therefore different cleaning needs.

Whilst you can address some of these yourselves, we know your time is precious and that is the reason why we work with a lot of businesses who feel that employing a commercial cleaning company is the most productive way to achieve a clean workspace.

If you’d like any information about the services we can offer, please visit our services page.

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